The Los Angeles Fire Department
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The Los Angeles Fire Department in 1893

This collection of photos was taken during a Fire Department Inspection in1893 in front of Fire House No. 1, the Plaza Fire House, at the time, the home of Chemical Company No. 1.  The photos show every company of the Department and both fire chiefs, Assistant Chief Dan Moriarity and Chief Engineer Walter S. Moore. 

E N G I N E  C O M P A N I E S

Engine Company No. 1
Pasadena Avenue and Hayes Street,
East Los Angeles

Engine Company No. 2
412 North Main Street

Engine Company No. 3

Hook and Ladder Company No. 1
114 West Third Street

Engine Company No. 4
Sixteenth Street, between Grand Avenue and Hope Street

Engine Company No. 5
South Main Street, near Adams street

Assistant Chief Daniel W. Moriarity

Chief Engineer Walter S. Moore
Department Headquarters
at Engine 3
14 West Third Street

Engine Company No. 6
Second Street and Boyle Avenue

Engine Company No. 7
Temple Street, near cable power house.

C H E M I C A L  C O M P A N I E S


Chemical Company No. 1
26 Plaza Street

Chemical Company No. 2
Belmont Avenue, between First and Silver Streets

H O S E  C O M P A N Y


Park Hose Company No. 1
512 South Spring Street

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