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 Chief Lips' favorite horse is 17 years blind in one eye and a man-eater.  His name is Skidoo

     "My old nag Skidoo is the best on earth, bar none,"  says Fire Chief Lips.

    "He is about 17 years old, and has been with the department nine years.  He was bought by Ed Smith when he was assistant chef, and only cost about $8.

   "Skidoo is a genius in the horse line.  He makes up to nobody, and about six months ago nearly bit a couple of fingers off the hand of one of the street sprinkling inspectors who was trying to pet him.

    "I can call 'whoa' to Skidoo, jump out of the wagon, and be gone half a day, and when I go back he will be right where I left him."  He will stand for hours and not move an inch.

    "The old horse is blind in one eye, but that doesn't detract from his worth.  He has never drawn an engine, for he is too small and light for that work, but he is a dandy in the chief's wagon.

    "Last year he was all run down, and I put him in pasture for about six weeks.  He was with eight or nine other fire horses, buy he would have nothing to do with them.  He would stand by himself for hours. Perhaps he thought that he should maintain that chief's dignity.

    "Skidoo is still a goer despite his advanced years, and his wind is good.  He will go anywhere and everywhere, and about as fast as you would care to ride.

    "My Joe can go some, too.  He is only five years old, and seems a mere colt beside Skidoo.  They take turn and turn about in the wagon."

The Los Angeles Record, July 11, 1906

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