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    "Babe," the oldest horse in the Los Angeles fire department, has recently received his "honorable discharge."  He had served continually in that department for twenty years, and has not seen a sick day during that time.

    He is a large horse, finely formed, and has been one of the most intelligent and trustworthy horses in the department.  During his long service he never was known to lie down in his stall.  Frequently he has fallen asleep, but immediately sprang to his feet, seemingly much surprised that he had been caught napping.

    He had been serving in the different engine houses and had been transferred to the Highland Park house at its completion about a year and half ago.  He is now allowed his liberty in the yard and in the neighborhood and has the best of care by the boys of the house.

    But his recent discharge from active duty does not seem to suit his dignified horseship.  Every opportunity that is offered he will stalk into the engine house and show fight with the horse taking his place in the stall.  At these times he is forcibly ejected to the yard where he drops his head and appears as disconsolate as a rejected lover.  When the boys try to consol him he is as sullen and obstinate as a child.

    But "Babe" seems to think that, while he has been supplanted by another horse, in his estimation an inferior horse, he must not wander far away from the engine house, for the instant the gong taps his head and tail are up and away he goes in hot pursuit of the galloping horses attached to the engine, apparently determined to regain the rights usurped by the new horse


The Los Angeles Herald, May 16, 1905

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