Los Angeles Fire Department
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In Memory of
Captain Harry B. Stires
Truck Company No. 11
Appointed February 21, 1916
Died January 9, 1934
Exposure to toxic fumes.

* * * * * * * * * *

    Harry B. Stires was born February 10, 1884 at Guthrie Center, Iowa.  He joined the Department on February 21, 1916.  He rapidly promoted from Fireman to Engineer and then Lieutenant to Captain.  In on January 3, 1934, while assigned to Truck Company 11, Captain Stires was overcome by smoke at a fire.  Later the same day he responded to an electrical fire where a carbon-tetra-chloride extinguisher was used in a confined space.  Captain Stires was went down again from the toxic fumes of the extinguisher.  With lungs damaged for the second time in a shift  he was transported to the Receiving hospital.  Captain Stires never returned to duty and died of pneumonia a few days later in January 9.  He was survived by his wife, Nelle Stires; a daughter, Hally Stires; a son, Harry Park Stires; his mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. Justus Manly Stires and a brother, Vern Stires all of whom resided in Los Angeles.

Circa 1931
Engine Company No.11 and Truck Company No. 3
1819 West Seventh Street

Engine Company No. 11 and Truck Company D went into service in 1900.  In 1905 Truck Company D was renamed Truck Company 4.  Several companies including Truck 4 were closed in 1916 due to manpower shortages created by the switch to the 2-Platoon system.  In 1924 Truck Company 4 was restored to service and moved to Engine 29 on Western Ave.  

Truck Company No. 3 (originally Truck C and assigned to Engine 10) was also restored and placed in service at Engine 11.  In December 1932 a new alarm system went on line and all truck company numbers were changed to the station in which they were assigned.  Truck Company No. 3 became Truck Company No. 11.


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