Los Angeles Fire Department
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In Memory of
Assistant Chief Charles Fuselehr
Appointed Callman, June 1, 1889
Died November 25, 1906
from complications suffered in
a Buggy accident  that occurred
November 15, 1902

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Source: Los Angeles Fire Department Illustrated 1900
Appointed Callman, June 1, 1889
Promoted Foreman, July 1, 1892
Promoted Permanent Fireman, January 1, 1893
Promoted Captain September 1, 1893
Appointed Assistant Chief, April 14, 1900
Retired November 15, 1902
Died November 25, 1906

Assistant Chief Charles Fuselehr

In June of 1901 the department was plagued with a series of false alarms.  At 11:45 p.m., June 1 the fourth alarm of the evening came in from box No. 54, at Belmont avenue and Temple street.  Assistant Chief Fuselehr responded from headquarters, then located at Engine Co. 3.,  346 South Hill street.  He turned west on Temple street from Bunker Hill avenue, and on reaching the base of the hill his cart collided with a Temple-street car, which had come to a standstill.  His rig was overturned, partially wrecked, and both the traces broken.
    Chief Fuselehr fell heavily to the ground, but he clung to the lines and was dragged about a block, bumping along over the ground by the side of his cart before he succeeded in stopping the frightened horse.  Although badly shaken and treated for a bruised and skinned left hand,  Fuselehr said he had sustained no injuries of consequence.
  Chief Fuselehr continued duty although in great pain.  Not long after this Fuselehr became gravely ill and nearly died.  He recovered somewhat but could not return to full duty.  He was given an "easy" position as telephone operator at the new headquarters station at Engine Co. 3 located at 217 South Hill street.  In January of 1902 it was reported that Fuselehr had suffered a stroke of paralysis which affected his left side and left him without the  power of speech.  Chief Fuselehr never fully recovered from his injures and spent many weeks in bed ill.  Fuselehr was retired on November 15, 1902 and eventually awarded the first disability pension.  Chief Fuselehr died November 25, 1906

Photo source: Captain T. F. Schneider, LACOFD, Retired
Assistant Chief Fuselehr
Circa 1900

Photo source: Los Angeles Fire Department Illustrated
December 1900
Chief Engineer Strohm with driver and Chief Fuselehr in their Buggies at Headquarters.


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