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New Airport Wagon

    O f recent date the Los Angeles Fire Department has placed in operation at Engine Co. 80, located at the Los Angeles Municipal Airport, the below illustrated Peter Pirsch triple combination hose, water tank and pumping engine.

    The new apparatus weighs 18,3000 pounds fully loaded, is powered by a 252 h.p. Hall-Scott "470" motor and cost approximately $13,800.  It is equipped with a two-stage centrifugal pump capable of delivering 1250 gallons per minute.  It carries 1600 feet of 2 1/2-inch hose and 200 feet of 1 1/2-inch hose.  The amount of 2 1/2-inch is a little bit more than is generally carried by engine companies, the reason for this being that Engine 80 responds to many locations newly built in the Manchester and Sepulveda area where hydrants are quite widely spaced and water supply is not exactly as it should be.  This amount of hose enables the company to get water on a fire a little better than a quarter of a mile from a hydrant.

     The reel located on the back end of the apparatus carries 250 feet of 1-inch hose, receiving water from a 200-gallon tank through a small gear pump and, as usual, is used to extinguish small fires not requiring the use of a large quantity of water.  The water tank and red line, as it is commonly called, has always been a favorite on small fires due to the fact that a company can go into action the moment the apparatus arrives at the fire without the momentary delay required in laying hose from a hydrant.


This article appeared in the June 1945 issue of the FIREMAN'S GRAPE VINE.

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