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Firemen and Cops

A POOR unfortunate fell on the sidewalk in the contortions of epilepsy yesterday.  A few passers-by ran to help but didn't know how.

        Four firemen from engine company No. 23, 225 East Fifth street, hurried across the street.  Nobody told them to and it was not technically in their "line of duty."

        But the four big fellows handled that writhing figure with tenderness and skill.  They knew where to rub to relieve pressure and start blood circulation.  They did their best to make the sufferer comfortable.  After a while he became quiet and was carried away in a receiving hospital ambulance.

       While they were WORKING a hard-boiled cop rammed into the crowd of sympathizers and ordered them to move on.

        "What do you think this is---a side show?" he asked, callously.

        The cop was busy "exercising his authority" and with poor manners.  He hadn't time for the man lying on the sidewalk.

        The firemen were busy helping a fellow sufferer.  They hadn't time to worry about the crowd of sympathizers.

        There's a difference.

        The firemen of this city have a fine human tradition of which they are justly proud.  And they're no prouder of it than the citizens of Los Angeles.

        Why can't the police department inculcate the same ideal!  Why the senseless sneers and "bawlings out" from blue-coats?  Is it necessary to brow-beat and insult the man on the street to get him to co-operate?

        We don't believe it.

        We believe the police would get along better with the public if they imitated the firemen.

 Los Angeles, CAL., RECORD
    April 20, 1928

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