Los Angeles Fire Department
Historical Archive

Engine Company No. 28

Cecil Lynch Collection
Circa 1950

The following photographs were submitted
by Mr. Chuck Lynch, son of Fireman Cecil Lynch.

A Day at the Engine House

Truck Company 28 pulling out of quarters on a run.



Daily House Work

Firemen sweep, clean and mop the apparatus floor
 and the Autofireman chamois  his Truck.

1945 Seagrave 100' Aerial Ladder Truck
Shop Number 919


Weekly House Work
--Brass Day

Shinning the Pole



Daily Training

    The Captain drills his crew on the operation of the Life Gun.  Holding a projectile, complete with a line attached by a properly tied projectile knot, he demonstrates  loading the gun.


Our favorite room;
The Kitchen

Our favorite time of day;
Dinner Time

Note the cook;
Seated next to the stove and the only Fireman in a T-shirt.


The Rec-Room


The Pool Table
In the years before Television almost
every fire house had a pool table.


Floor Watch

A Fireman on Floor Watch,
playing a game of cards,
interrupted by an Alarm.



Crew's Head



Bunking Out

A late night run.



Bunking Out


Bunking Out

. . . and down the Pole.

Note: Fireman Julian George,
the fellow who is looking
straight at the pole and looks
to be the next to make it there.

EMAIL: From nephew, Matthew George



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