Los Angeles Fire Department
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Fire Station No. 22

1110 W. 55th Street
November 25, 1964

The following photos were submitted by Battalion Chief Larry Schneider















Fire Captain Grabs Rafter
Saves Life


  A city fire captain was burned Wednesday as he dangled from a rafter over a mass of flames after falling through the roof of a a burning home.
   Witnesses said Capt. Lawrence Schneider, 36, of 28609 Gunter Road, San Pedro, would almost certainly have died had he lost his grip. He caught the rafter as he tumbled through the roof of the dwelling at 1110 W. 55th St.
   Other firemen, hearing Schneider's shouts for help, braved the flames to pull him to safety. He was taken to Central Receiving Hospital where doctors said he has second-degree burns on both legs.
   Division Comdr. Thad Whippo said the fire apparently started when food on a stove ignited.

November 25, 1964



Fireman Burned
as Roof Falls

   As Los Angeles City Fire Department captain was taken to Los Angeles Central Receiving Hospital in serious condition as a result of burns he sustained when a flaming roof collapsed. 
   Larry Schneider of San Pedro was taken to the hospital with second and third degree burns Wednesday morning.
   Schneider, 36, was standing on the roof of a blazing home in southwest Los Angeles when the structure suddenly gave way, plunging the fireman toward the flames.
   Firemen trying to pull Schneider to safety said he hung from a rafter while flames leaped up at his legs. He was pulled from the flames and taken to the hospital.
   Schneider's two brothers Howard and Paul also are firemen. His father is a retired captain.

Both rescued and rescuer return to same fire station.

He Saved the Life of a Fellow Firefighter

  CAPT. SCHNEIDER was trapped in the roof fire Nov. 25 at 1110 W. 55th St., Los Angeles.  After his rescue by Richardson, Capt. Schneider was hospitalized six weeks for treatment of second and third degree burns on both legs, and after recuperation returned to duty three weeks ago.
   The courageous action which saved the life of a fellow firefighter, Allan E. Richardson of the Los Angeles City Fire Department will receive the department's Medal of Bravery.  Richardson, long a resident of Torrance and presently a resident of Anaheim, rescued Fire Capt. Lawrence D. Schneider from burning to death in a flaming attic. The captain had plunged into the flames when a roof caved under his feet.
   Capt. Schneider, of 28609 Gunter Rd., San Pedro, has a wife and four children.  He has two brothers, Batt. Chief Paul Schneider of the Los Angeles County Fire Department and Capt. Howard Schneider of Torrance City Fire Department are sons of Ted Schneider, former captain in the Los Angeles County Fire Department.
   Richardson, who moved a week ago to 613 Vicki Lane, Anaheim, is married and has three children, aged 10 years, 7 years and 18 months. 
   His father, H. H. Richardson of 2128 West Paseo Del Mar, San Pedro, retired Jan 1, 1960, as assistant chief in the Los Angeles City Fire Department.
   The award will be presented at noon Thursday at the Los Angeles Press Club, by Los Angeles City Fire Chief William L. Miller.  Similar awards will be made to Btln, Chief Lowell Johnson of Los Angeles and Capt. William A. Collins of Arcadia for rescuing a man from an eight-floor ledge of a Los Angeles building last Sept. 28.





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