Los Angeles Fire Department
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The Solnit Shoe Co. Fire
February 22, 1958
"B Shift"

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Truck 28
1945 100' Seagrave Aerial Ladder
Shop Number 919

Working on Truck 28's aerial, crews from Engine 10 and Engine 6 pull hose lines as Truck 28 firemen break out windows with pike poles. 


Top of aerial:
- Engine 10 fireman pulling hose.

- Engine Company 6 working
a 2 1/2" line

4th floor fire escape:
-Engine 28 fireman breaking out window with pike pole to cross ventilate.

3rd floor fire escape:
-A Truck 28 fireman works with the crew of Engine 11 pulling a 2 1/2" line up the cscape.









This photo shows:
Engine Company 9 taking a 2 1/2" line aloft on Truck Company's 30's aerial ladder.

Engine 9, (2-piece company: Duplex Pump on a hydrant and the Manifold Wagon in front of the fire.)

The aerial extended into the third floor window is most likely Truck 3.

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