RULE 47.

SECTION 1. Nothing contained in these Rules and Regulations shall preclude the Board of Fire Commissioners and Chief Engineer from at any time requiring any or either of the employees of the Department serving under their directions to perform such other duties (not herein specially prescribed for them) as the interest of the service may in their opinion demand or require.

RULE 48.

SECTION 1. No officer or a member shall at any time be guilty of any act or omission which impedes, injures or hinders, or tends to impede, injure or hinder the progress, welfare, discipline, efficiency or good name of the Department.

RULE 49.

SECTION 1. Any and all violations of these Rules and Regulations, or any and all violations of Rules and Regulations not herein contained shall be punishable by suspension, fine or dismissal as the Board of Fire Commissioners may elect.

RULE 50.

SECTION 1. Any member of this Department against whom charges have been preferred for violation of any of the Rules and Regulations of this Department shall be given a hearing before the Board of Fire Commissioners, or a committee thereof.

RULE 51.

SECTION 1. All Rules and Regulations in conflict with these Rules and Regulations are hereby repealed.