RULE 25.

SECTION 1. No member of the Department shall wantonly or maliciously criticize their superior officers, or any member of the Department, or make any false report either as to an offense or the business of the Department calculated to create a disturbance or bring any member of the Department into discredit.

RULE 26.

SECTION 1. No member of the Department shall be a delegate in person or by proxy to, or a member of, any political or partisan convention, State Central Committee, or County or City Committee, nor while a member of the Department be a candidate for any political office.

RULE 27.

SECTION 1. No political, social or other organization shall be formed or maintained in any of the houses of the Department; no meetings of any character will be permitted without permission of the Board of Fire Commissioners, and no political discussions will be allowed in or about the houses of the Department.

RULE 28.

SECTION 1. The officers and members of the Department are prohibited from taking up subscriptions for the purpose of making presents to any officer, member or person, without the consent of the Board of Fire Commissioners.

RULE 29.

SECTION 1. No officer or member shall refuse to pay any just debt contracted during his connection with the Department.