RULE 20.

SECTION 1. No loud or boisterous talking, profane or obscene language shall be permitted in or about the houses of the Department. Members must refrain from congregating in front of or adjacent to company houses.

RULE 21.

SECTION 1. Smoking on apparatus or at fires is prohibited.

RULE 22.

SECTION 1. It shall be the duty of all members of the Department to wear the prescribed regulation uniform at all times, except from the time of retiring until 10.00 A.M. and while on leave of absence, or while performing special work or duty. Members are prohibited from doffing their uniforms during the dinner and supper hours.

SEC. 2. Members shall be fully uniformed, shoes blacked, and present a neat and tidy appearance on or before 10.00 A.M., unless in case of a fire, when they shall have the right to use any other clothing while in service.

RULE 23.

SECTION 1. Members of the Department must, while in service, wear their badges displayed conspicuously on the left breast, and are prohibited from loaning or exchanging badges. Members will be required to deposit with the Chief Engineer the cost price of his badge, said amount to be paid back on return or surrender of badge. The money so deposited with the Chief Engineer, shall, with the exception of $10.00, be deposited in a savings' bank, and the interest accruing thereon shall go into the Relief Fund of the Department.