SECTION 1. Drivers shall take proper care of their horses, exercise the greatest caution in their keeping and management, keep the stalls clean, and see that everything pertaining to the horses, harness, hangers, etc., is in perfect order and ready at all times for immediate service.

SEC. 2. Drivers of hose apparatus will precede the other apparatus of the Company in responding to alarms, unless otherwise directed by the Chief Engineer.

SEC. 3. In returning from an alarm, all driving shall be at a moderate rate of speed.

SEC. 4. Drivers shall not pass a fire to take a hydrant, unless by so doing they can obtain a closer position to the fire without shutting out another company that may be seen or is known to be coming from another direction.

SEC. 5. Driver of trucks, chemicals, etc, must not stop their apparatus in front of a hydrant.

SEC. 6. They shall not drive their apparatus over hose except when absolutely necessary. Driver of hose apparatus will lay their hose close to the curb of the street as possible.