SECTION 1. The Officers of the Companies shall have and exercise command over their respective Companies, and shall be responsible for the discipline and condition thereof, and see that the houses under their control, the horses, harness, apparatus and equipment are at all times kept in proper order.

SEC. 2. They shall at all times enforce a strict compliance with the Rules and Regulations of the Department and the orders of the Chief Engineer, and shall report all infraction thereof to the Chief Engineer.

SEC. 3. The Officer of a Company shall keep two books, to be designated as follows:
a. Roll Book.
b. Journal.

SEC. 4. In the Roll Book shall be entered a record of each alarm.

SEC. 5. In the Journal shall be entered a brief history of each day's happenings; particulars of fires and alarms responded to; accidents; members detailed on special work; orders and supplies received; and any unusual occurrences.

SEC. 6. Officers shall in every case give a receipt for supplies received, and shall forward on the first of the month following the month in which the supplies were received a bill for the supplies received with their approval written on same in ink, to the Office of the Department.

SEC. 7. Officers of the Companies shall, with their respective Companies, respond to alarms of fire according to directions issued by the Chief Engineer.

SEC. 8. The Officer of a Company shall ride on the hose apparatus, unless otherwise directed by the Chief Engineer, alongside the driver, and will be held responsible for the proper location of his company at a fire, and, if first to arrive at a fire, will assume and exercise command until the arrival of a superior officer.

SEC. 9. They shall not permit racing going to or returning from a fire, nor permit their apparatus to pass another apparatus (unless disabled) going to the same fire.

SEC. 10. They shall politely receive visitors and answer proper questions civilly, explaining when requested to do so the apparatus, alarms, etc., in their charge, but shall not allow habitual lounging in or about quarters, nor permit children therein unless accompanied by parents or attendants.

SEC. 11. They shall justly apportion among the members of the company the work required about the house, and shall see that the same is completed and that everything is in readiness for inspection daily at 10.30 A.M. sharp, at which time all members of the company will appear in uniform, except in case of a working fire during the previous night.

SEC. 12. They shall be held responsible for the quality, grade, quantity and weight of all supplies received by them, and shall not place their approval on any bill for supplies nor give a receipt unless sure that the same is absolutely correct.

SEC. 13. They shall report promptly in writing all accidents, whether to members of the Department, the horses or apparatus, citizens, or property of citizens; and all breaches of discipline and violations of the Rules and Regulations. A failure to do so will be regarded by the Commissioners as "cause" for suspension or removal.